Sentiment Analysis with Thinklytics

Reputation Management

Track your brand reputation with Thinklytics Sentiment Analysis. Understand your customers feedback and see what your customers say about brand on the internet.

Behavior Analytics

Understand your staff’s behavior with Thinklytics Behavior Analytics

Category Analysis

Do you wish to know which category your customers like and which they dislike? With Thinklytics, you can get your answers and take your important brand decisions with our Category Analysis.

Sentiment Cloud

Understand your customers sentiments with our sentiment cloud. See what your customers are saying and their feedbacks.

Connect To Social Media, Customer Interaction Points like Call Centre, SMS etc

Thinklytics allows you to connect to data sources like Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc and Customer Interaction Channels like Calls, SMS, Emails, Feedback or Survey Channels and many more. We offer compatibility for major platforms like Google, Salesforce, Zoho Systems, Hubspot, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Textual Analytics Engine

Thinklytics has in built Textual Analytics Engine which helps you generate Sentiment Cloud and analyse it. Thinklytics enables you to generate wordcloud, sentiment cloud and various other visualizations. Now, analyse sentiment analysis easily with Thinklytics!

Complex Dashboard & Report Calculations Made Easy

Need to add complex calculations to your dashboards? With Thinklytics, you can easily add calculations like SUM, Average etc with built in functions

Build Drill Down Dashboards

Deep dive into your dashboards with Thinklytics drill down dashboards. You can apply various cross filters on one chart and see the affect of those cross filters over other charts

Easily Create Dashboard With Drag & Drop Builder

Thinklytics allows you to connect to traditional datasources like Amazon RDS, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, NoSQL, Oracle Systems, SAP and many more. We offer compatibility from traditional datasources to new platforms like Google Adwords, Salesforce, Zoho Systems, Hubspot, Bing Ads, Gemini, Tally, Facebook Lead Forms and many more.

Delivering faster analytics with Thinkbots

Thinkbots are our in-memory caching bots which caches your data from multiple datasources and provides faster, enhanced analytics. Thinkbots can provide real-time analytics and can massively reduce load times for your dashboards.


Data Processed

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