Providing Digital Transformation for your Organization

Thinklytics helps automate your digital transformation strategy on the cloud using the power of data. You can harness the data from the cloud, cloud apps, local excel, cloud databases, and internal databases to provide insights and get a 360-degree view of your organization. Using our ML library you can analyze big data and provide predictions and visualizations through rich interactive charts.

How do Thinklytics work?

Thinklytics uses the power of data acquired from various cloud-based and on-premise sources. Creates a timestamp-based centralized data lake. It allows the creation of a business-centric common integrated data model for its data lake. Using Thinklytics, one can easily build embedded visualizations and also use GUI-based ML components to create models and make predictions based on historical data.

The final step is to build a custom portal with application logic to solve a specific business scenario and provide embedded visualizations.

Sample Use case 1: Inventory reorder system:

In the manufacturing industry, Thinklytics can automate and reorder the parts when some threshold inventory levels are reached. 

Sample Use case 2: IIOT Manufacturing floor live to monitor

Access the real-time production data from PLC using third-party libraries and populate Data Lake using Thinklytics and Create real-time metrics like OEE, Availability, Quality, and Performance. 

Our Features

Thinklytics provides end-to-end digital transformation journeys for companies with specific needs and automates your transformation strategy on the cloud using the power of data.

Saving and Transfer

With Thinklytics, companies can download and save their Dashboard and information as a PDF and email it to concerned people.

Stay on Top of Trends

Features like embedded data visualization with dashboards which provide solutions that keep your company with the latest trends and ongoing information to keep you on top of business and let you make the appropriate decision.

Better Outcomes with Data warehouse

Thinklytics provides accelerating growth for companies and helps with more perfect outcomes along with solutions. These solutions will be delivered through Thinklytics Data warehousing solutions.

Better Insights of your Organization

Organizations can get hands-on data from the cloud, cloud apps, local excel, and through different databases which helps you have a good understanding of an organization.

Dashboards with Information

Dashboards along with personalized information according to the analysis are provided with interactive charts to go through the information and identify the root cause.

Multiple Operations Together

Thinklytics machine learning is a GUI-based model-building application with multiple yet different operations like Data cleansing, Regression, Classification, and Clustering.

Personalization according to Needs

Models can be created through users by the drag and down method for their usage, which can be saved and used multiple times according to your need.

Time-Saving Process and Quality Results

DaFast data-driven solutions through interactive features of Thinklytics help in time-saving. Quality results with time-saving all in one place

Pocket-Friendly Results

Solutions are provided that can be customized according to the needs which require minimal effort with less money. Thinklytics is available as a user's pocket-friendly digital transformer.


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Finding a Data-Driven Approach for your digital transformation journey? Think Thinklytics.