An Appliance manufacturer implemented our IoT solution for their enamel line automation


It manufacturers range of home appliances and has been ranked amongst the top 5 manufacturers of water heaters / Geysers in India. • They have been an industry leaders for over 55 years and forayed into other home appliances – Fans, room heaters, air coolers and irons. • Product quality is recognized by various Government certifications and awards. It is the first water heater company in India to be awarded the prestigious ISI certification for its range of water heaters with vitreous enamel tanks…


Maintaining high quality : With a total of 6 production assembly line, getting timely alert on poor quality was a big challenge. This resulted in defective products getting shipped to consumer resulting in return/high maintenance cost.

• Historic analysis not possible : highly manual driven process, there were no comparison to history data for corrective action.

• Not able to measure productivity as the assembly line did not have time keeping on various activities resulting in lost and unused productive hour

Services Provided

Thinklytics implemented an IoT based system integrating the output with their Digital Transformation tool. Thinklytics products work natively with Telit, leader in IoT
Products. The output was the integrated with Thinklytics embedded analytics tool which will get real time IoT data and publish the same.

The entire solution was implemented in 6 months leveraging Thinklytics. This has dramatically improved the performance of Assembly Line 6, and plans are in place to
expand the solution to other 5 assembly lines also.

Key Benefits

• Better tracking of assembly line by implementing sensor-based tracking
• Cost optimization as Machine running hour counts automatically based on auto mode operation
• Cost Predictability as production planned hours, machines running hour, break down hour, lunch/tea break hours can now be factored
• Eliminates manual input on production day to day data, breakdown hours manual entry , Machine’s measuring points entry, Production staff’s data entry
• Improved analytics and decision making by leveraging past vs current like Planned Hours, Production achieved, Breakdown
• Target Management to helps employees to archive up their targets
• Improved reporting on Machine Running to help managers to analyze and know the stat of production, Reworking and Reject Entry QC Analysis Reports