Dashboard Examples

Track the metrics that matter to your service provider.

Revenue Analytics Dashboard

The hospitality industry always keep a track of their revenues very closely. They have multi channels for bookings and data has to be pulled from many datasources, which is why many hotel chains are using business intelligence solutions to manage operational efficiency and resource management. This sample revenue analytics BI dashboard shows you how easy it can be to report the number of revenues by city, rooms and understand the bigger picture of hospitality industry to make better decisions. View and compare the number of rooms booked, cost, revenues by city, types, rating and more, all in one place.

Connect To Multiple Datasources

Thinklytics allows you to connect to traditional datasources like Amazon RDS, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, NoSQL, Oracle Systems, SAP and many more. We offer compatibility from traditional datasources to new platforms like Google Adwords, Salesforce, Zoho Systems, Hubspot, Bing Ads, Gemini, Tally, Facebook Lead Forms and many more.

Easily Generate Complex Queries With Thinklytics Meta

Thinklytics Meta enables you to generate complex queries easily with drag and drop. Select the tables that you wish to join and your data is ready for dashboards. No knowledge of queries required. Create complex queries easily!

Complex Dashboard & Report Calculations Made Easy

Need to add complex calculations to your dashboards? With Thinklytics, you can easily add calculations like SUM, Average etc with built in functions

Build Drill Down Dashboards

Deep dive into your dashboards with Thinklytics drill down dashboards. You can apply various cross filters on one chart and see the affect of those cross filters over other charts

Fill Your Color Scheme For Your Dashboards

Thinklytics enables you to fill different colors based on your color schemes to your charts and dashboards

Find Patterns In Data

Thinklytics enables you to find patterns in your data with our machine learning algorithms.

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