An Interactive Data Dashboard for a successful Business

An Interactive Data Dashboard for a successful Business - Thinklytics

Reporting with Powerful Interactive Dashboards – A Smarter Way to achieve Success

Soon organizations will have a huge amount of data that dashboard programming will be the most significant asset an organization can have. Visualizing the information and connecting on a solitary screen is not, at this point, an extravagance, however a business need. That is the reason at Thinklytics; we invite you to the universe of an interactive data analytics dashboard.

Take an agreeable seat, appreciate the power of interactive BI dashboards, and abandon your bookkeeping pages. Also, use the benefits of an intelligent dashboard plan and its highlights. This post will clarify all the details required for dashboard creation and management, and give tips and tricks to cause your business to perform stunningly better. Let us begin.

What Is An Interactive Data Dashboard?

A data dashboard focuses on sales opportunities and shows metrics such as the current opportunities, purchase value, average order value, and many more. These metrics are visualized with the help of interactive dashboard software.

An interactive dashboard is a data management tool that tracks, analyzes, monitors, and displays key performance metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven, and take healthy business decisions.

Dashboards are utilized inside the Business Intelligence (BI) climate, making a connection among supervisors and the organization’s methodology, permitting divisions to team up more successfully, and empowering workers to perform with an expanded efficiency level.

The major function of such dashboards is to simplify the working and analysis processes of a business. Since there are massive volumes of data collected regularly and companies need solutions for handling that, data dashboards play a major role here to bring them the right answer at the right time.

Difference between Data Dashboards and Static Reporting


Undoubtedly interactive analytics provide businesses with insights that were not possible with traditional reporting systems. A professional dashboard maker enables you to access data on a single screen, easily share results, save time, and increase productivity.

Now, you no longer have to worry about static presentations, stagnate reports, and wait on analysts to pull reports and then have out-of-date data. However, while Excel and PowerPoint, and various other spreadsheet and presentation applications always remain important tools for any business, their interactivity options are still limited.

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Benefits of Interactive Dashboards


1. Empowers Decision Making:

Interactive analysis empowers users to answer critical business questions. It provides on-demand up-to-date data for making better decisions. Also, we can look at data science from different perspectives.

Zooming in and out, detailing time intervals, applying filters, or showing & hiding specific parameters that you don’t need enables you to look at data in the most holistic way, like never before.

2. Avoid Redundant Reports:

You need only one tool with state-of-the-art interactive features to quickly adapt the displayed data instead of creating ten static PowerPoint slides. In addition, dashboards come up with implemented intelligent data alerts.

Reports use real-time data that enable users to eliminate spreadsheets and presentations. The dashboard will alarm the user every time an anomaly occurs, while neural networks will ensure smart detection and future forecasts.

3. Higher Efficiency Level:

While static reports have been a valuable device for expanding profitability, this is insufficient in the present current economies. The measure of information gathered and investigated is constantly developing, and various static or paper sheets or a great many lines and sections can’t help however much they used to.

The ascent of self-administration Business Intelligence devices has empowered clients to dabble with the information alone and utilize present-day innovations that will build their efficiency levels. As a result, these dashboards are comparatively more productive.

4. Less IT Inclusion:

By enabling clients to play out their own specially appointed information examination, an organization can save important IT assets. Since the number of solicitations for data set questions or customizations will essentially diminish.

The IT division would focus on other critical or significant issues while business clients can find solutions to important business questions rapidly. Overall, Dashboards are themselves an excellent IT application, so it does not require any further assistance.

5. Overall Maximum Speed:

There is no uncertainty; quickness today is a critical component for any organization attempting to make due in our ferocious computerized age. When utilizing conventional Spreadsheets or PowerPoint introductions, information is embedded once and refreshed physically.

With present-day visualization devices, there is no compelling reason to do so. On the contrary, interactive Dashboards empower constant information. And the excellence and force of business knowledge are present at its center.

Increasing Importance of Dashboards

In essence, we can say that Interactive dashboards quickly engage end-users with a wide range of technical understanding and provide an intuitive experience and easily digested insights. They provide Return On Investments by quickly highlighting trends and digging out irregularities.

Business dashboards aren’t just for management, and they can be easily accessible by everyone across a company. They enable you to visualize your data easily. You can dig your data deeper to get insights. At Thinklytics, you can see some of the best data visualization examples, most of them made out of stunning interactive dashboard examples.


Modern interactive dashboard software, like Thinklytics, is helping to drive business with real-time interactive dashboards. The dashboards we design for you are easier to use than spreadsheets. Also, provides a wider range of options and possibilities to explore.

With an innovative interactive dashboard software that provides these multiple features, you can prepare stunning interactive data visualizations of your business data. By simply utilizing our interactive business intelligence dashboards, you can examine countless data sources without profound technicalities. Better yet, you can easily do it on your own with a few clicks and with no advanced IT skills.

Don’t believe us? Start your free trial and check for yourself. You can get your interactive dashboards prepared as per your business needs. So, don’t wait and book your trial now.

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